SERAplex is a fully defined serum replacement for the cultivation of adherent and non-adherent cells under serum-free culture conditions or to significantly reduce the amount of serum in cell culture. It supports the growth of many cell types in an optimum manner without any extra handling compared to serum.


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SERAplex 50 ml
100 ml
500 ml
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SERAplex contains purified proteins, lipids, salts, amino acids, trace elements, hormones and a 3-dimensional substrate release system in an optimized formulation. It contains no growth factors, undefined hydrolysates or peptones.
SERAplex is suitable for the cultivation of a variety of adherent and non-adherent cells under serum-free culture conditions. Further informations can be found in the datasheet.
SERAplex is designed to replace or to reduce serum in the cell culture in a very simple manner. In most cases there is no need to change the basal medium. As SERAplex is fully chemically defined and contains no peptones or hydrolysates, lot testing is no more necessary. It also allows high reproducibility and a simplified downstream process. SERAplex basic contains no growth factors and enables defined proliferation and differentiation of stem cells. Characterization studies of growth factors will obtain more reproducible and clearer results. SERAplex is also useful to develop sensitive cell-based in vitro tests and coculture procedures.
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