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Standard, Premium, Supreme

Advantages of PAN-Seratech

  Own raw material resources in different countries: Brazil, USA,                  Australia

  Certificate of Suitability (COS) no. R1-CEP 2002-167-Rev 00

  Licensed according to the EU-decree no. 1774/2002 with

    vet. no. DE 09 275 0001 14

  Every single batch is fully documented – from the country of origin to        the end product

  We offer special types of serum: charcoal absorbed, delipidized,

    dialyzed, gamma irradiated, heat inactivated and gamma globulin


  Highest production and safety standards for serum manufacturing

  Best references from industry and research

  Extensive analyses and tests are presented in Certificate of Analysis        (CoA)

  • FBS Standard SAe.jpg
























    FBS Standard, South America origin, fetal bovine serum, sterile filtered

  • FBS Premium SA_jf_labele.jpg
























    FBS Premium, South America origin, fetal bovine serum, sterile filtered

  • FBS Supreme SAe.jpg
























    FBS Supreme, South America origin, fetal bovine serum, sterile filtered



PAN-Seratech is a modern, innovative biopharmaceutical company located in Germany.

Our products are produced with the highest standards made in Germany. We guarantee constant quality and full traceability. Furthermore, we also offer professional solutions for everthing to do with cell culture.


High quality cell culture products

PAN-Seratech offers a broad range of high quality cell culture products, "Made in Germany". 



Products and categories


Choose from 4 main categories


Bovine Sera, Treated Sera, FBS, Other animal Sera, Human Sera, Albumins, Serum service

Serum-free Systems

Serum Replacements, Serum-free Media, Serum-free Stem Cell Media


Cell Culture Media, Insects Media, Cell Specific Media


Media Supplements, Buffered Salt Solutions, Amino Acids and Vitamins, Antibiotics and Antifungal Drugs, Mycorase and many more 


Human Cytokines and Growth Factors, Other Species Cytokines and Growth Factors, Chemokines

Molecular Biology

Polymerases, Molecular Biology Reagents